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The game of Nova Terra is run primarily by Eve, an artificial intelligence who makes sure that the game is balanced for its millions of players. She also works with a team of human designers to add patches and updates to the game to enhance gameplay. Gameplay is also kept balanced through various restrictions on play.

Nova Terra is an open world with a deep history and in which most of the lore is hidden, as is non-basic information about the game more generally. Players advance by following quest lines that they discover during their play. There is no level-up system as such in the game, instead players acquire classes and titles which grant them certain abilities. Classes can be improved through practice, and mastery bonuses are applied once a certain skill level is reached. There are also several character types in the game that players can interact with. As with other Massively Multiplayer Virtual Reality Role Playing Games (MMVRRPG), play styles include solo play and group play, with group play facilitated by guilds.

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