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Character Types

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Character Types

There are three basic types of characters in the game, Travelers, Natives, and Mobs. All character types can hold titles and classes with respective abilities - the major difference is their degree of sentience.


Travelers are player characters who log in to Nova Terra in a game pod. Some travelers are professionals who play for various guilds or who are funded by various third parties, while others are recreational or social players.


Natives are the inhabitants of Nova Terra who have their own lives. Some natives view the near-immortal travelers with suspicion, while others are happy to welcome them for the economic benefits they bring. There are many different races of natives who inhabit Nova Terra, and a large number of these races are playable by travelers, such that the only difference between some natives and travelers is that the latter can log out and disappear while the natives go on with their lives. Due to their high degree of sentience, for travelers it can be difficult to know if they are interacting with a native or another traveler.


Mobs are inhabitants of Nova Terra that have little to no self awareness. They populate the game largely to serve as adversaries (such as in quests for travelers). Mobs typically have basic sentience that allows them to behave in sometimes complex manners, but they cannot behave outside of such patterns, as directed by the game. Mobs are the typical warriors under Native bosses and will often respawn in a given area after a period of time after the other character types have cleared them out.