Trace: Abilities



Actions in Nova Terra are divided into two categories; natural and ability. A natural action is anything that a player does under their own power and with their own skill. Abilities can take almost any shape and allow players to complete actions that they would not naturally be able to complete. Abilities often come from classes, but may also come from some titles or other means. A special type of ability, a Mastery Ability, comes when a class has been mastered. A player can gain Mastery Abilities by mastering their class or by using an Ancient Inheritance in order to acquire a class, thus gaining the Mastery Ability (or abilities) that the former class holder received for mastering the class.

Known Abilities

Aspect of Winter


Avatar of the Wolf

Basic Weapons Mastery

Blessing of the Moon

Blood Rage

Blood Shield

Call the Pack

The Devil is in the Details

Dragon Stomp

Fire Spear

Globe of Invulnerability

Holy Shield

Holy Strike

Ice Wall

Intercepting Strike

One with the Shadows

Oration Proficiency - Apprentice Orator - Journeyman Orator

Pack Travel

Presence of the Wolf Lord

Rallying Cry

Royal Grace

Seed of Life

Shadow Blink

Shadow Dash

Shadow Fade

Sub Zero

Wolf's Howl

Wolf Lord's Howl

Wolf's Sense

Wolf's Speed

Wolf's Toughness