Trace: Classes



Classes are a significant part of gameplay in Nova Terra, as each class grants the player a set of skills and abilities that they can work to improve. As they master their class skills, other abilities and skills are unlocked. With full mastery of a class, another set of skills and abilities, as well as advancements, are available to the player.

Classes have three states. Apprentice is the initial state of a class. Journeyman is reached once the player has unlocked all of a classes abilities. Master is when the class has been fully mastered, rewarding the player with a Mastery Ability, bonuses, and a class advancement path according to the way the player has played the class.

Every class can fall into one or more of five categories: combat, utility, support, production, and leadership. Combat classes focus on one's fighting ability and provide proficiencies in weapons and armor, thus being suitable to players wanting to focus on dealing large amounts of damage or on taking damage in place of their teammates. Utility classes usually have some combat ability but also focus on non-combat roles, such as picking locks or wilderness survival, while also possessing bonuses that apply in certain terrains. Support classes focus on improving the attacks and defenses of their allies or on minimizing those of their enemies while also being the primary healers for their teammates. Production classes lack combat abilities but proficient in producing goods or providing technical services. Leadership classes are more rare. They provide bonuses to organizing players or non-player characters (NPCs).

There is usually a direct correlation between how many categories a class falls into with how many words constitute the class's name (i.e. how rare the class is). For example, the Warrior is a common class that falls under the combat category, but the Holy Guardian is an uncommon class that falls under both the combat and support categories. In addition to the single category common and dual category uncommon classes, triple category classes are rare and quadruple category classes are unique (not all classes follow this pattern, however, such as the Master Locksmith which is an uncommon class that only falls under the utility category). There are only four known rare classes and five known unique classes in Nova Terra.

Known Classes

Arcane Mage
Battle Mage
Blood Berserker
Blood Mage
Blood Shaman
Blood Warrior
Devil Blood Berserker

This is the class possessed by Davyos, former avatar of Hati, given to him when Karrandaras the Betrayer convinced him to turn against his former patron and become the archdevil's avatar. Its base class is the Blood Berserker.

Devil Warlock
You have been chosen as a disciple of the Temple of the Moon. Unlike ordinary monastic orders, the disciples of the Temple of the Moon are warrior monks who serve Hati, the god of night. Tasked with destroying evil and holding back those who seek to disrupt the balance of the world, they work in the shadows as the counterpart to the Paladins of Skoll, the Sun god.

Your journey to martial mastery has just begun. Disciples practice one of the four martial forms of the Temple of the Moon and can use any basic monk weapon and any basic armor.

Disciple Abilities:
[Martial Form: Unselected]
[Basic Weapons Mastery]
[Pack Travel]

Mastery Ability:
[Form Mastery (locked)]

The category of the Disciple class, as well as the [Martial Form] and [Form Mastery] abilities, is determined by the court of the Temple of the Moon that the player chooses. These four variations on the Disciple class are:

Dusk Form - Support
Disciples who learn the Dusk Form pursue the path of the scout. Fleet of food, these disciples scout the enemy, setting ambushes and traps or flanking with deadly showers of razor tipped arrows. Few, enemy or ally, can match the wolves of the Dusk Form.

Abilities gained:
[Ranged Combat Proficiency]
[Wolf's Speed]

Mastery Path: Dusk Walker
Full Moon Form - Combat
Disciples who learn the Full Moon Form pursue the path of the warrior. The main force of the Night Walkers come from the stalwart Full Moon Court. Trained in the use of armor and weapons, these tough as nails warriors drive their enemies before them relentlessly.

Abilities gained:
[Heavy Armor Proficiency]
[Wolf's Toughness]

Mastery Path: Full Moon Walker
New Moon Form - Utility
Disciples who learn the New Moon Form pursue the path of the assassin. Unseen and deadly, the disciples of the New Moon Court ply their deadly work in the darkest shadows. Trained to disrupt and demoralize, these lone wolves combine their excellent senses and stealth training to gather information and deliver fatal strikes to their enemies.

Abilities gained:
[Stealth Proficiency]
[Wolf's Sense]

Mastery Path: New Moon Walker
Dawn Form - Leadership
Disciples who learn the Dawn Form pursue the path of the commander. Inspiring their allies with speeches and issuing commands on the battlefield are only two of the many ways that disciples of the Dawn lead their fellow disciples to victory. Disciples of the Dawn make the best diplomats, leaders, traders, and strategists.

Abilities gained:
[Oration Proficiency]
[Rallying Cry]

Mastery Path: Dawn Walker
Exalted Devil Blood Berserker
Fae Druid
Field Medic
Frost Priest
Ghostly Warlock
Great Sage
Greater Shaman
Heavenly Silver Dragon Knight
Holy Crimson Cardinal
Holy Guardian

The Holy Guardian is a combat-support class focused on tanking and mitigating damage from enemies. The Holy Guardian uses their abilities to keep the enemy's attention and to shrug off incoming attacks.

Ice Witch

A magic-based class that deals cold damage. It is also good for crowd control and can even be used for healing in a pinch.

Infinite Key Master

The Infinite Key Master is ideally suited for getting into places that others want to keep you out of. Its base class is Master Locksmith.

Lost Treasure Hunter
Master Locksmith

This class is equipped to open almost any lock and to know the best route for sneaking. Its base class is Locksmith.

“It is useful for one thing and one thing only, which is why I ended up here.” Oberlin to Thorn, in prison.

Master Thief
Mountain Barbarian

A utility class specializing in exploration and discovery. Pathfinders can share maps and geographical information with others, usually for a price.

Retribution Knight
Silver Guard
Shadow Assassin
Shadow Priest
Spirit Guide
Tactical Advisor
Veiled Jester
War Priestess

The War Priestess is a combat-support class, focused on healing while also possessing powerful damaging spells.