Trace: Velin



Velin, an elf with the War Priestess class, is a force to be reckoned with in Nova Terra. Not only is she one of the best strategic and organizational minds in the game, she also has some spells that are near-impossible to counter as well as those suited for healing and supporting her teammates. She is a professional player previously employed by the guild Ragnarok but has since left.

Velin is cool and collected, not one to be thrown off or disheveled easily nor to use her words carelessly. Her demeanor may seem austere, but she cares deeply for her friends, cracking a smile occassionally when with those whom she loves. Mature and pragmatic, Velin is an excellent pro player, invaluable teammate, and reliable friend.


Velin has been friends with Mina since elementary school, and they even went to college together, where she got a degree in information engineering. They played Nova Terra during these years, and after graduation she joined and was hired by Ragnarok as an analyst. Upon joining the guild she received her class, War Priestess, by the Holy Crimson Cardinal that was a part of Ragnarok. She was registered to Ragnarok's third team led by Ouroboros, along with Mina and Jorge.

In the Books

Book #1: Titan

Book #2: Greymane