Trace: Ouroboros (Peter)

Ouroboros (Peter)

Ouroboros (Peter)

Ouroboros, the in-game character of Peter, is a melee player, and as a Holy Guardian he has significant crowd control abilities and tanking skill. Under pressure from his family to perform in Nova Terra, he can be reckless, but not without reason. He is one of the most prominent members of Ragnarok, and he led his own elite team within the guild.

Ouroboros is headstrong and committed, a practical person willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. He is also a very charismatic individual, sometimes accomplishing more through his speech than through his actions.


Peter's father is one of the elders overseeing Ragnarok. Within the guild, Ouroboros quickly rises in strength and influence, and his father gives him more responsibilities, eventually leaving guild matters entirely in the hands of his son. He establishes Ragnarok's third team, led by himself and consisting of Velin, Mina, and Jorge. Under significant pressure from his father, Ouroboros has been competing with the other leaders within Ragnarok, his cousin Angdrin and Sylith, to become the guild master but is behind them in progress. To make up for this, he seeks a powerful class to gain an advantage.

In the Books

Book #1: Titan

Book #2: Greymane