Trace: Mina



Mina is one of the best magic-wielding combatants and likely the best player-vs-player (PvP) fighter in Nova Terra. As an Ice Witch, she can deal extreme amounts of damage in group fights as well as provide some support should the need arise. Her most well-known spell is [Sub Zero]. She is a professional player previously employed by the guild Ragnarok.

While normally bubbley and excited, talking as though always on a time-limit, she is respected as a pro player for good reason. Her combat skills and teamwork are rivaled by few. Though not one for lots of planning, she follows orders well and focuses on the task at hand when in combat.


Mina is good friends with Velin, whom she has known since elementary school. The two of them played Nova Terra throughout college, where she got a degree in communications. In Nova Terra, Mina was recognized for her superb combat abilities, and she and Velin joined Ragnarok after graduating. Mina acquired her Ice Witch class by completing a long quest, helped out by Ouroboros. She was registered to Ragnarok's third team led by Ouroboros, which also included Velin and Jorge, and trained extensively with them in order to become a truly formidable team. Mina grew to be one of the strongest PvP players in the game.

In the Books

Book #1: Titan

Book #2 Greymane