Sylith (Jonathan Velks)

Sylith (Jonathan Velks)

Sylith is a Heavenly Silver Dragon Knight who runs his own team within Ragnarok, one of Nova Terra's top guilds.

Sylith is a bright individual. It is hard to tell if he is confident or cocky, but he is certainly capable and has earned his place as one of the leaders of Ragnarok.


Jonathan is the only son of Moren and Samantha Velks. He is considered a genius: he started a business at the age of twelve and already made his first million by the time he was thirteen. Now, at twenty-three, he is worth half a billion. Moren is on the Chicago city council but has ties to organized crime. Jonathan joined Ragnarok three years ago as Sylith and rose to the leadership through a variety of tactics; including blackmail, threats of violence, monopolizing resources, and the establishment of an independent faction called the Silver Guard. His team of four hundred is entirely comprised of players with the Silver Guard tank/support class and is considered the strongest stand-alone team in the world of Nova Terra. Sylith is one of the three players competing for a leadership role in the super guild Ragnarok, along with Ouroboros Angdrin.

In the Books

Book #3: Kingbreaker