Trace: Angdrin (Calvin)

Angdrin (Calvin)

Angdrin (Calvin)

Angdrin, the in-game character of Calvin, is a Blood Mage and is widely regarded as a powerful player in Nova Terra. He is the leader of the Crimson Snakes, one of the groups within the guild Ragnarok. Though not the more calculating of people and may be given in to bouts of rage, Angdrin is still a skilled player in his own right, and he commands a strong group of professional players.


Angdrin is one of the leaders within the super guild Ragnarok and is competing for the position of guild master against his cousin Ouroboros and Sylith. He controls Ragnarok's affairs in the region of Berum and the surrounding areas. However, he is not the most skilled of leaders, and his position is mostly secure due to him being the nephew of a guild elder, Ouroboros's father.

In the Books

Book #2: Greymane