Trace: Athena



Athena is the avatar of Julia Lee, Xavier/Thorn's aunt. She is the CEO of Atlas Energy, the largest and most powerful corporation in the world, and is also the world's most eligible bachelorette. She has been playing Nova Terra since it launched and runs her own mercenary guild, the Society of Roses (more commonly known as the “War Roses”), which is consistently ranked among the top ten guilds of the game.

Athena is rich, smart, and beautiful. She is headstrong and has become a very successful business woman. She is able to take command of a business conversation, though she doesn't really care for being in the spotlight. Athena also cares deeply for her nephew, though a bit overprotective, and is willing to give anything for him.


Julia was only 19 when Xavier's parents died and she took on the responsibility of raising the newborn boy as well as assuming leadership for her sister and brother-in-law's company, Atlas Energy. Her time became split with trying to find a treatment for Thorn's unique case of gigantism and with managing the affairs of Atlas as its CEO. Much of her business is done in Fantasia, a large virtual city, where time dilation makes it conducive to getting a lot done: One hour in the real world becomes seven hours in Fantasia (and in Nova Terra) due to this time dilation effect.

To relax, Julia spends her time in Nova Terra playing as Athena. Four real-world years prior to the events of Nova Terra: Titan, Athena was in a guild but left it due to the intolerable guild leader. Other women in that guild also quit and joined Athena in making her new guild, the Society of Roses (more popularly known as the War Roses). It is an all-women mercenary guild, focusing on hiring out its services to others in a myriad of ways, such as security for a caravan. Under Athena's leadership, the War Roses grew, and the guild is now consistently ranked within the top ten guilds of Nova Terra. Athena herself came to be known as the Queen of Roses.

In the Books

Book #1: Titan

Book #2: Greymane

Book #3: Kingbreaker