Trace: The World

The World

The World

Real World

The stories are set in Earth's future. Corporations are large and powerful. Medicine and technology has advanced significantly. Nation-states still exist. Virtual reality is commonplace and immersive, and individuals in VR are sustained by gaming pods that enable them to enter a “flow state” which dilates time such that they spend more time in VR than passes in the real world (7 hrs in VR = 1 hr in RW). While there are many virtual experiences in the future, there are two in particular where most people spend their time.

Virtual World

The biggest and most popular virtual realities are known as Nova Terra and Fantasia, both created by the same company, Horizon. Nova Terra is a vast fantasy world with its own history, culture, and economy that allows individuals to do nearly anything they can do in the real world, but with a few perks such as magic, mastery (which unlocks new skills/abilities), and non-permanent death. Fantasia is a virtual city where individuals can socialize and carry out business. Due to the number of people playing Nova Terra, in-game results can have significant economic benefits in the real world, i.e. from sale of goods or controlling access to important areas.