Trace: Story



Book 1: Titan

The plot of Book 1 centers around introducing the main character Xavier/Thorn, his medical condition, and his entry into Nova Terra. Since the in-game race of a player's avatar can only be selected based on their real-world physical characteristics, Xavier's size (due to a rare form of gigantism) only allows him to play as the Titan race, entering the game as Thorn. New to role-playing games in virtual reality, Thorn is discovering things for the first time, a recurring theme in the series. A natural loner, he is initially intent on solo play and achieving success on his own terms. After a chance encounter, however, he joins a four-player team as a porter, learning much about the world of Nova Terra along the way.

Book 2: Greymane

The plot of book 2 centers around a single quest line that Thorn received during the events of book 1 related to the “Greymane” title. He also begins to build a team with some of the characters from the previous book and new characters he meets during the course of book 2. We follow Thorn as he begins to go head-to-head with some of the main players in the guild Ragnarok.

Book 3: Kingbreaker

Chapters from book 3 are currently being released on Patreon.